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Introduction and Background

This web page will permit you to search and explore the behavior of individual genes and probe sets in the Affymetrix U133+ set after severe traumatic injury. Subsequent pages will let you relate that data to other genes with similar behavior and to different clinical attributes in the patient population.

Severe traumatic injury affects the expression of more than 80% of the human transcriptome, and the significant changes in genome-wide expression have been summarized in the heat map (Figure 1) from the J Exp Med publication. This complex response includes significant changes in 7,028 out of 55,000+ probe sets representing 5,136 genes from amongst the total 167 subjects when compared to the 37 healthy subjects, using a false discovery rate of 0.001, and a 2-fold change in expression. Study subjects were also further stratified into those patients with uncomplicated, and complicated, clinical recoveries making it possible to follow the clinical attributes and temporal gene expression of each group based on the presence of multi-organ system failure and time to recovery. Additionally, this tool may be used to link expression changes in specific gene(s) to individual clinical attributes and outcomes described in the study, as well as to ontologies and pathways.


The first step is to view expression trajectories of specific genes, by entering one of the following three criteria:

  • Affymetrix U133 Plus 2 probe set identifier
  • Gene symbol
  • Gene name

You can enter a partial Keyword. For example: to see all Gene Symbols beginning with "IL", enter just "IL".

Gene/Probeset Query
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Gene symbols and gene names are obtained from Affymetrix provided information used with the U133+ v2 GeneChip™.

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